Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't read the Intro

I found out who the SP was by reading the intro of my copy from the Library. I was a little discussed but I still loved reading the book. As for Marguerite my heart broke for her. The only family she felt she had was her brother. She didn't betray the SP without much hesitation and guilt. She even tried to tell her husband after the Ball but was stopped by the wall Percy refused to let down. She and her husband weren't even friends at the time she betrayed the SP so how could she even consider he might be the SP.

The relationship between Marguerite and Percy at the beginning of the book reminded me of being a newly wed. Did anyone else feel that way? Oh how those days were filled with unneeded drama and pride. Thank goodness they are long over. I was very glad to see at the end the walls on both sides of the Blakeneys marriage come down. My Question is: Did any of you suspect the Jew to be the SP?

My Answer: I thought the Jew was the SP when he came to the Inn but I was not sure until the end. The scouts report and the Red headed Jews account did not match up so I was tipped off by that.

This was a great read! I can't wait to read everyone's responses.

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