Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome to the Blogging Book Club

Normally, I think, each month at the end of the month we'll all suggest and decide together what book to read. But since this is the first month, I thought I would just list out four suggestions and we'll pick from one of those.

  1. The Secret Garden
  2. Wuthering Heights
  3. Vanity Fair
  4. The Scarlett Pimpernel

These four are kind of classics, I think. I thought that would be a good way to start. They are all very likely to be in your local library, also one of the reasons I chose these four. Once we really get going we can broaden our reading out to new subjects, new authors, etc. So let me know which book you guys are most interested in and we'll choose one to start.

Second, I thought I'd lay out a basic outline of the month.

The first two weeks I think should be dedicated to just reading the book. We are all busy people, so I'm sure we'll need the time. Then we can spend the next couple weeks discussing. In the final days of the month we'll choose a new book for the next month. If you finish early and want to post, go for it! If your post is going to give away key parts of the plot or the end, please write something that indicates there are spoilers in your post so those of us who haven't finished can be warned.

If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know!


The Erks said...

Ranee', great idea! I love it! I would love to join your book club. Add me. I vote to read The Scarlett Pimpernel. We will keep in touch. It was great to see you in Wyo, fun to talk.

jsmbbaker said...

I'm all up for doing a book club, cause then I can tell Jaran I HAVE to have time to read or I'll be in trouble;)!

annasibb said...

Great Idea!! I am almost done with the Twilight series and am up for new ideas for books. I vote the secret garden or the scarlet pimpernel.

annasibb said...
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